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Joomla De-hacking Service - Clean Hacked Joomla Site - Viagra Regalis Cialis

Pharma Hack Security PadlockViagra, Regalis, Cialis shows in your site's Google listings because a hacker has compromised your website with an automated tool, adding Javascript file(s) to show different content to Googlebot ( Google's web crawler ) as you see when viewing your site.

It is highly likely that potential clients searching for services or products will see you're hacked before you realise. Getting your website de-hacked, cleaned of the pharma hack must be a priority for business. How many clients or potential sales will be lost if they see erectile dysfunction treatments in Google's search listings for your Joomla website. Payday loans, gambling, hacked software, pornography and even corrupt bank links can appear in your content, don't let the pharma hackers harm your business, contact Lee Marshall Web Design today for a 24 hour or 48 hour Joomla De-hack Service.

Joomla Security Audits:

  • Server configuration and settings
  • Core Joomla settings
  • List components, versions, developer
  • List modules, plug-ins etc as above
  • Help with updates ( paid for add-ons will require you to supply the updated software )
  • Check list going forward to reduce risk.

Joomla Hacked

Google shows VIAGRA, CIALIS, REGALIS, TADAFIL and other pharmaceuticals terms in your site search results. Well I'm sorry but you've been Hacked. There are a surprising number of hacked sites out there as most hacks are only visible if you view the site as Google Bot. I will fully clean your Joomla powered website, making the relevant changes to stop this from happening again. From as little as £375 your site can be back hack free within 48 hours, a lot better than letting your clients see YOU this way.

Professional Joomla web developer available to clean any hacking incident affecting your Joomla powered website.

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